Bringing a claim for negligence against a legal professional can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. We are here to make the process smooth and effective. Our expert team will guide you through the three steps to get your claim running (steps detailed below). Once up and running our solicitors will progress the matter on your behalf and keep you informed of progress or any recommendations.

Initial steps

  1. 1. Contact us by phone or meet for an initial discussion to assess your situation
  2. 2. If we feel you have a potential case we will agree a formal engagement, clearly stating our proposed course of action and relevant terms.
  3. 3. Our solicitors will then write to your conveyancer to initiate the claim and request copies of records and files. At this point your claim is up and running.

Time scales

Unfortunately these types of cases are not normally overnight affairs. Cases often take several months or even longer to reach a conclusion. During this time our solicitors will handle matters on your behalf, so even though a degree of patience will be required it is not something you will need to be actively involved with over the period.


We operate on a 100% 'no win no fee' basis and charge as a percentage of the compensation won. Our fees are paid to us out of the settlement so you can never be disadvantaged from a cash flow perspective.

Our 'no win no fee' basis is exactly what is says on the tin. By this we mean that even in the unlikely event that we were to lose a case all counter suit costs (legal fees, court fees etc) from the defendants are also covered by us. So you truly have nothing to lose! Contact us now for an initial assessment of your situation.