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    Managing claims for negligent tax advice in real estate conveyance.

    It is reasonable to expect professional advisors to be competent in their given field, up to date with the most recent changes and to provide reliable advice that is clear of its own limitations. For the most part the legal profession does a good job of adhering to a high standard. However where these standards slip it can cause you to suffer significant financial loss. If this has happened to you we are here to help redress the balance.


With the myriad of changes and plethora of reliefs available some conveyancing solicitors fall behind in knowledge when it comes to tax. You are paying to gain the benefit of the expertise of an advisor who is presenting him or herself to be a specialist in this very field. We see it as negligent if you have been advised to pay a higher rate/amount of tax than required simply because your conveyancing solicitor has failed to stay informed of changes in their own sector. You would no doubt agree with us.

Here at MDR Claims Ltd we manage claims for businesses and individuals who have suffered financial loss because of negligent tax advice (SDLT, CAs etc) while buying or selling property. All of our staff and associates are either qualified tax advisors or solicitors experienced in negligence claims. Our team is perfectly positioned to assist you in correcting this wrong and in seeking financial redress for your loss. We operate strictly on a ‘no win no fee’ basis to give you peace of mind. So give us a call today for a free no obligation appraisal of your situation.